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Christine Jones

Healing Arts Specialist since 2010.

Creator of the Healing Pulse.​

Since I was a young child I have felt something important has been missing and have felt disconnected from those around me.  I am relieved to say that this has lessened as I have gotten older and as I do more energy work training/healing but deep down the feeling is still there :)

With this type of work and feeling disconnected, I am a natural skeptic of "energy work" but the amazing things I have witnessed for myself have mostly made me a "believer".   Still the skeptic me knows how it "sounds" when I talk about the unexplainable. It has given me a real purpose and I love the feeling I get by helping people when I share healing with others.


I have a burning desire to help everyone who asks me for help but the hardest part for me is accepting that often that is not up to me - but up to the universe and the client.  Still, I am constantly learning new modalities and searching for new tools so if I can help someone I can offer it.

Although I still feel something is missing - I am much closer to what I have been searching for and have met some wonderful and gifted people along the way.

A typical session with me is not just one modality but a combination. If you come to me for a specific energy such as Reiki, you will receive it but also much more. Muscle testing is used to guide the session so it is tailored specifically to your wants and needs.

I look forward to our paths crossing! 


Summer lives with her family in Duluth MN however she plans to wander the south starting winter 2022.  In December 2021 she graduated with a dual degree - a Master of Arts in Management and a Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Change. Future education will be more about the metaphysical - which she is extremely excited about.

March 2021 was a strange month for Summer when her Facebook page was stolen, many client contacts were lost, and no way to get it all back.  After taking six weeks off to figure out the whys and what to do.  She decided to separate her person from her business and to re-invent her business under a name she feels spiritually connected with - Summer Avalon and Summer Avalon Healing Arts.  So if you hear or see people call her Christine - this is why. 

How my healing journey began -

Image of Summer in Sedona with a twisted tree effected by vortex energy.
image of summer with Rudy the cat
image of Summer with Dexter
image of Dexter and Duncan

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