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Metaphysical Hypnosis/Regression

Free 15-minute consultation via phone or FB messenger.

Facebook Hypnosis page

This Facebook page will focus on Metaphysical Hypnosis/Regression. It will include more posts about regression sessions, hypnosis events, personal experiences and why people would want to have this type of session.


"Summer is excellent at guiding you through this amazing experience. You can learn so many things from the past that correlate and contribute to your life in the present. Healing happens when you become aware of deep rooted issues. You can even break continuous family trauma for yourself and for the rest of your family. I highly recommend a session with Summer. Her calm nature will put you at ease through the entire process."
From Heidi



SPECIAL OFFER $199 – valid through September 30, 2022!
Regular rate $299

This will be a 3-4 hour session which includes an interview, hypnosis and time for debrief.
A session will offer a full personalized, regression experience. After an extended interview the hypnosis session will include: past/future lives (typically up to 3 lives), connecting with your higher self to discuss what came up as lives and why, healing questions asked, healing done if allowed, questions about purpose and what to do if you’ve gotten off track, connecting with guides, getting messages from loved ones, answering questions you have about things that have happened in the past or questions about the future, and many more – there is much potential for healing and learning. The session will be recorded on Zoom.

Contact directly to schedule or if you have questions. Typically the interview will be done in advance via zoom a day or two ahead of your session.

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"Training in Delores Cannon's Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and Candace Craw-Goldman's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT)

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