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$30 per month

This program helps heal your energetic blocks to abundance, reinforce positive abundance beliefs with a new abundance topic every few months (not in any particular order:

  • Healthy weight (weight loss or weigh gain) - starts September 5, 2021

  • Financial abundance – starts October 1, 2021

  • Dating/Relationship abundance – if someone has a heartwall this could prevent things from clearing entirely although it will still help - starts October 1, 2021

  • Health abundance

  • Other potential topics are sleep, anxiety/ptsd, depression, creativity

  • Developing your intuition - each month we will focus on improving a gift which is often listed as a "clair" Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience.  These months will have the most "homework" compared to the other groups.


Work on anything that hinders abundance during the month as part of the group process. Each member submits an issue(s) or potential block(s) anonymously but I also will be checking a few hundred basic beliefs.  I will also be asking what else are you doing to manifest your goals while releasing the emotional blocks because true abundance needs your interaction and work to create change.  

Workshop structure - There will be 4 recordings in a month – released each Sunday on FB. 

Group healings - will be a mix of :

  • Removing blocks (submit anything that you feel might be a personal block)

  • positively reinforcing the theme 

  • Healy frequencies related to theme run at least once a week but possibly more depending on the group (a Healy is a microcurrent device that sends out healing frequencies & is amazing).  Healthy weight will be run 3x a week.  Financial abundance will be run 4x a week.

  • Improving beliefs in:  Are you open to healing? Are you open to change? Are you open to being visible?


New in September we are adding individual healing to the month:

  • Twice a month you will receive a private video link where I've worked on you for 5-10 minutes using any modality that I offer - including the entity removal tool and offensive energy removal tool

For weight loss we will compute abundance modes of:

weight loss, stagnation/maintenance, weight gain.

We will also split out why you are currently where you are at by measuring:

weight due to emotional blocks/beliefs, diet, exercise, none.  For instance here is my initial scores:

  • 25% of my current weight issue is due to negative trapped emotions/beliefs (for most people this is a higher number when you havent done this type of healing

  • 50% of my weight is due to diet

  • 20% of my weight is due to exercise

  • 5% of my weight is not due to any certain thing

At the start of each month there will be a FB group post listing each person under their name (or a private code if they want to be anonymous) showing what percent of abundance, stagnation and lack they are at with a followup at the end of the month.  The ultimate goal is to have the lack % and stagnation % be less than 10%.  If a person reaches that goal before the end of the month, they will still continue to benefit by receiving the reinforced beliefs and Healy healing frequencies.


For finance and weight there are set points that we are mentally and physically comfortable with.  We will work to improve your finance set point – for instance do you have a goal of how much you want to make/receive each week or month?


For weight we will work to reduce your bodies set point weight – each week we will work on acceptance and reducing the weight you (body and mind) are comfortable being.


You can pay on Facebook or I can send you an invoice in Paypal or Venmo.

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