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Summer Avalon Healing Arts

Home of the Healing Pulse

For current activities, events and tips - check out our Facebook account!
We are a holistic, energetic healing arts center that works in person OR from a distance (via online, phone or text). Clearing and balancing energies can often help with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relationship healing – plus it is complementary to any traditional treatments.
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Testimonial: "Her techniques and her genuine love of helping others has helped me have pain relief on emotional, physical and spiritual levels." From Jeanne Daniels (see full review)

Testimonial: "She genuinely cares about helping people, and her knowledge and skills were put to great use during the healing sessions I had with her. I saw improvements in my life, both physically and emotionally, after only one session." From Paula McGrew (see full review)


  • $30   Healing Pulse or iTeraCare Teraherz Therapy Wand or Healy Scan

  • $50  Pet Session - everything done through email. Send 2-3 issues that you want to work on for your pet. We will find the underlying reasons and clear them.

  • $50  Email Session - we will work with up to 3 issues and search for underlying reasons for each issue using multiple modalities.

  • $90   single session (45-60 minutes) – working in person or online we will work with up to 3 issues and search for underlying reasons for each issue using multiple modalities.

  • $225  3 sessions (45-60 minutes each) package. Please use in 3 months. 

  • $299 Metaphysical Hypnosis/Past life regression & more - can include healing, connection to higher self to answer questions (typical session 3-5 hours)

  • NEW $199 Additional sessions Metaphysical Hypnosis/Past life regression & more - can include healing, connection to higher self to answer questions (typical session 1-3 hours)

  • $430 Reiki training - Usui Holy Fire® Reiki I & II

  • $1045 Reiki training - Usui Holy Fire® Reiki Master - 3 full days

  • $430 Animal Reiki training - Usui Reiki I & II

  • FREE 15 minute consultation via chat, zoom, facebook video messenger, or phone

  • FREE Thursday night mini-healings for group and individual via Facebook live or Youtube.  Every Thursday at 7 pm cst.

  • CUSTOM Training offered for Reiki for minimum of two people - set your own dates and times at no additional cost.


Modality Possibilities

Muscle testing will be done to determine which modalities will be help you heal.

  • Healing Pulse, Shamballa MDH, Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Tolpakan Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code and more

  • Click on FAQ for more information about sessions, and details about modalities


Payment is processed through Paypal (no account is required).  Click on the underlined dollar amount of the service you want or request an invoice from me (use chat feature or email). 


Venmo is also available, just ask for it along with username and you will receive a request through Venmo.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Birthday?  Receive a free Healing Pulse - just send a direct message via   website chat feature, Facebook messenger.

Referrals - get rewarded with a free session when you refer three people who book a session or $25 off a session if you refer one person.

Although experiences can vary - check out what others have experienced - Testimonials.

For more detail about modalities, tools and more click on FAQ.

For more detail regarding Reiki Training for Usui Holy Fire®III Reiki I & II online.

​Distance sessions are held via video apps such as Zoom, Facetime,  Whatsapp, Facebook video, Skype, Zoom and more.


What People Say...


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Summer Avalon Healing Arts

Every month first Thursday at 7 pm CST.

What is a typical session like?

As part of my giving back during covid - I offered 3 years of FREE weekly mini-healing energy sessions since May 2020. This was 142 shows!


Now changing to monthly, first Thursday 7 pm cst.


Offered on Facebook live, Youtube, and Twitter.  Stop on by and see if this helps you.  Individual and group healing offered. Healing pulses and removing trapped emotions will be the focus plus I often add new things. 

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Get In Touch





distance sessions available via:

phone, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook video, Skype, or Whatsapp. 

If you use another app - just let me know.

Most months I'm located in Duluth, MN
where I do have a tiny office in West Duluth. 


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